"She is wonderful. Look at her, she’s a vision. Beautiful girl, sweet and kind, and you know, just a joy to be around" - Jamie Campbell Bower

The Vampire Diaries cast arriving at The CW Upfronts (May 16, 2013)


So what’s the deal with you guys? Are you in love or just friends, or what? (x)

Jace’s eyes began to close. “And you won’t leave me?”
“No,” Alec said. “No, we won’t ever leave you. You know that.”
“Never.” Isabelle took his hand, the one Alec wasn’t holding, and pressed it fiercely. “Lightwoods, all together,” she whispered. Jace’s hand was suddenly damp where she was holding it, and he realized she was crying, her tears splashing down—crying for him, because she loved him; even after everything that had happened, she still loved him. They both did.

-City of Lost Souls, Epilogue